dulcet dreams and dragon wings

she takes everything in twos; lovers, pills, stairs...

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Bob Skeleton, Goth Detective
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We always find something, eh Didi, to give ourselves the impression that we exist...

I am a musician, a writer, a poet, a thespian. Idealist, pragmatist, I play cello, piano and guitar. Am profane but well spoken, I dislike stereotypes and organised schools of thought. Ambivalent, I will not suffer fools; gladly or otherwise. I like fireworks, cold weather and standing in the rain. Marilyn Manson is my hero as well as a little alien I once met. I firmly believe in the fact that a person is smart, but people are stupid. I enjoy Nietzsche and Poe and Dr Seuss. I own a top hat and think pen pals are wonderful. I wish on stars. I want to change the world.

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